As a scientist, sometimes I'm often called to conferences and meetings where I'm asked to present data, or to assist others to present their data visually in a meaningful way. I've always enjoyed doing this and using my illustrative and design skills to portray scientific concepts from fundamental ideas to complex project stories in an understandable manner.


Scientific Infographic - Array based sensing (Random Projects)


Light Microscopy Australia Logo Design - for the Australian Centre for Microscopy and Microanalysis (2016)

Program cover design - Chemical Biology Conference at the University of Sydney (2014)

Promotional flyer for Pacifichem 2015

Scientific Poster: Asian Society for Bioinorganic Chemistry Conference #7 (Gold Coast 2014)

Poster design - Honours degree recruitment  at the University of Sydney

Scientific Poster - Australian Society for Molecular Imaging Symposium (Brisbane 2013)


Neuron Illustration (personal project, 2013)


Outreach material for science forum activities with high school students (2015)

ispcc logo wtext.png

Logo design:  International Symposium on Platinum Coordination Compounds in Cancer Chemotherapy (2017)


scientific poster design: Gordon Research Conference 2016 (Metals in Medicine), awarded Flash poster talk

Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at 2.32.03 pm.png

WEBSITE DESIGN and photography for Chemical Biology Day at the University of Sydney 2014