4 Easter tutorials to try

Happy Good Friday everybody! I'm excited for the Easter long break, not just because it's a long weekend (yay:)) but also because it's the final weekend before my boyfriend leaves for two months, so we're going to try spend time together and do some fun things for Easter. So obviously, I got on Pinterest and started searching around for some Easter egg tutorials. I'm also going to try cook a big breakfast on Sunday morning (b/c let's face it breakfast is the best meal.). These are some of the egg decorating tutorials I really want to try out and flex my creative arms a bit! I hope you try them out, enjoy your Easter break and have a lovely weekend!


1. Marbled Easter eggs using all natural and edible ingredients 

2. Indigo dyed eggs using nail polish! (don't eat!)

3. Robin's nest eggs made with red cabbage water and vinegar

4. Glitter eggs!  Looks messy but so festive!