Working out

I just destroyed my legs at the gym… and it wasn’t even a difficult routine. After a 3 month long break from working out on a regular basis (4-5 times a week) due to a health issue, I returned yesterday with a leg day. Getting back on the wagon was harder than I imagined, because although I had trained this habit, I kept it up about 3 months before my break. Although it was routine for me, I hadn’t tested it throughout all the seasons. In winter, it’s much harder and I needed to account for that.

The soreness I felt last night and this morning were something I haven’t felt for a long time! But it reminded me that as long as I’m challenging myself, I’m making progress, and that’s what counts. No beginner can lift their body weight on day 1, but the fittest people got there by consistently pushing themselves. In the end, what it takes is showing up.

Motivating yourself with a “thinner version of you” or a perfect body will never work because that’s just not how our body biologically works. These changes are very slow and step by step, so focusing on such a long term goal will never satisfy you. Instead I try to focus on things like stress and anxiety relief, the enjoyment of achieving and breaking records, and just feeling more energetic and healthy.