Links to start off 2019 right

Our motivation is high, we are refreshed after a holiday/vacation break or just having a restful day celebrating Christmas or New Years day. Let’s kick off the year with some links to get us going:

(All links are secure websites)

Lifehacker’s Best Podcast episodes of 2018

I am now obsessed with podcasts. I actually stopped reading books towards the end of last year, mainly because I was on medication that made it really hard for me to sit still/focus on a book, so I was taking long walks and listening to podcasts. (I’m not so good with audiobooks!). This list covers some of the best episodes I’ve also listened to and some other ones I will definitely check out. Podcasts have come really far in the past couple years, and there is fantastic work out there.

A Handy Guide to the Toxic Language of Diet Culture

Quartz is one of my favorite publications and this list of definitions perfectly sums up some of the problems I have with diet culture. I’ve never been on a proper diet, but I’ve read a lot about them since I started getting very interested in health, nutrition and eating well. This piece unpacks some of the language that is frequently used but never really gets questioned. The beginning of the year triggers a lot of people to “start eating right” or “get back into shape”; this article reminds us that it really is simple and not a complex mixture of diets and exercise programs, with a little knowledge and research, its completely possible.

New Slate by Zenhabits

Leo Babuta of Zenhabits always has great pieces on travel, minimalism and living intentionally. His new piece for the beginning of the year is a nice statement on how to use the new year to your benefit, rather than making resolutions (that never pan out).

Have I been Pwned?

January is a good time to take inventory of things, whether it’s finances, cleaning the house, decluterring, etc. I like to take a digital/internet security inventory. I’ve been hacked once in my life over 10 years ago when I was a baby using the internet, and since then I’ve become incredibly interested in how hackers work and how their methods and techniques have changed with new technologies. I recommend downloading a password manager now if you haven’t already, especially if you have a lot of online accounts. (I use 1password)