Things I enjoyed reading this month

It’s been snowing!!!

It’s been snowing!!!

Here are some articles and pieces I really enjoyed reading this month!

Caroline Calloways creativity workshop: an absolutely fascinating article about an Instagram “influencer” and her doomed foray into workshops and event management.

A very interesting article about how UX can help us create “calmer” technology. Companies and creators often create for the sake of mass production and acceptance without any social responsibility, I hope this is a sign of changing times.

The beauty industry unsurprisingly wants to tap into the “stress market”. But funny that it also creates stress itself by creating this anxiety and pressure surrounding the way we look and the quality of our skin/makeup. A great article on marketing in the beauty industry.

A seriously good article (long) about the millennial condition and burnout. “Efficiency is our existential purpose, and we are a generation of finely honed tools, crafted from embryos to be lean, mean production machines.” If you read anything on this list, make it this one!

I’m obsessed with McSweeneys and this list about teachers is no exception :D

An excellent article about rejecting diet culture. It’s actually so unsurprising that the people affected worst by diet culture are those ALREADY facing weight problems, eating disorders and weight stigma. It’s seriously time we let go of the moralization of food.