Recipes that I use again and again

These recipes use some pretty universal ingredients. Some are healthy, some are more fatty/for moderation, but I enjoy them all-year round! I also believe the best recipe sometimes is NO recipe - so all these ingredient lists I have found to be super flexible - if you’re missing something from the sauce, just leave it out or replace with a similar thing (like sugar instead of any fancy sweeteners) and I usually swap ground meats around a lot!

Zucchini Pancakes

Zucchini pancakes seem complex and time consuming but I can usually make a batch in under 45 minutes. Ina Garten’s recipe is super simple and easy but sometimes I like to dry out the zucchini shreds a bit more but leaving them with some salt and then squeezing the liquid out with a towel - it makes the cooking a bit less wet!

Chicken larb

So delicious, especially with some Vietnamese style pickled carrot/onion. Can also be eaten with rice/bread/anything. Extra ginger here again!

Buckwheat flatbread

My partner is gluten intolerant, these breads are pretty good in his opinion! And ridiculously quick to make, you just need to buy some buckwheat flour (which I have found even in Polish supermarkets).

Chicken satay

I love a good satay because it’s deceptively simple - satay in the end is peanut butter + soy sauce (and then optional extras!). More marinating time = better chicken! I like to add a lot of ginger to this!

“Crab” salad

(Recipe in Polish) - I’m a sucker for that fake crab meat. When I feel in a mayo mood, I’m definitely making this delicious salad. (warning - a lot of Mayo). You can use tuna for a better alternative!

The rest of the time, I’m often improvising or using tried/tested recipes that have been slowly adapted over years (like lasagnas, pasta bakes, baked potato, stir fries, ramen, chilli etc). I used to think cooking was such a chore, but after living outside of home for a while and getting used to grocery shopping, I’m slowly getting better. I’m still really bad at meal planning and as a result, I still often struggle to come up with things to make, which is something I try to improve at. Any suggestions how?