My podcast recommendations

I've recently really gotten into listening to podcasts. I work alone at home a lot now, or am by myself sometimes and in a country where I don't yet know the language, it's nice to listen to something or have it on in the background. Here are my favourite podcasts- I have a small attention span so it's important to me that podcasts are engaging, interesting, or make me laugh/think! 


I recommend using either the Apple "Podcasts" app, or my personal favourite, "Overcast". Overcast has cool features like "smart speed" which optimises how you listen to it and it's very customisable.


My favourite comedy podcast has to be Hamish and Andy, a radio program that's on Australian radio during peak hour every weekday. It's seriously funny and it's my guilty pleasure! Hamish and Andy have been on Australia air waves for about 10 years now so everyone knows who they are, but I find them just normal, down to earth comedians who aren't overly negative / get their jokes by putting down others. Seriously recommend! And it seem highly popular on iTunes as well!


I don't listen/engage with science media/comms as much as I used to, but I did always enjoy the Infinite Monkey Cage with Brian Cox and Robin Ince. They're both UK-based (so do it for the accents!) and they talk about scientific concepts but in an approachable and fairly humorous way.  Brian Cox has done a lot of popular science shows/radio/media stuff and he's active on twitter too, so if you're interested in a bit of science and want to learn something random but interesting, check him out!


I discovered this podcast while we were doing extremely long drives in the US. I'm talking 7-9 hours PER DAY. After a while, the conversation does run out and it's hard to beat the tiredness/boredom. So we started listening to a podcast called Hardcore History by Dan Carlin. The main feature is that these podcasts are long. Like, 5-6 hours per podcast long. So they definitely got us through some long drives! My boyfriend is enthusiastic about ancient history and he talks about history in a really engaging way which is not always easy to do. He makes analogies to modern history/politics and honestly sometimes makes some pretty good jokes!


I've been following Lily Pebbles on youtube and on her blog for a while now - I like her content for aesthetics/inspiration, and she recently released a new podcast called At Home With... where she meets important people in the blogging/lifestyle/beauty industry and just chats about their life, work and their homes. I find it nice to listen to and interesting to get an insight into how their guests work/live.


I discovered this podcast after it was recommended by Amy (vagabond youth) on youtube; it's called Optimal Living Daily and it's just a guy reading blog posts in each podcast. They're only 4-5 minutes each usually, so nice and easy to listen to. Most of the posts are taken from blogs about minimalism, living intentionally, productivity and basically how to live the optimal life. Some of the posts I don't necessarily agree wholly with but some of them are a nice reminder of how to approach life.

Thanks for reading, and I'd love to hear your podcast recommendations! I'm always looking for more :)