August Review

August has simultaneously gone so fast and yet felt like such a long month - it's the 31 days I reckon - plus all the travelling that often happens in the winter/summer break.

august rev.png

Over half of July I was in the United States on a road trip with my boyfriend exploring over 10 national parks - it was one of my favourite trips I've ever done, so I'll definitely be writing more about it in upcoming posts. I don't feel like I have enough content from each park to write a single post about each, but I'll definitely write about where I went, and tips on how to travel there. So at the beginning of August I was just finishing up the US trip in San Francisco and I got back to Sydney on the 3rd.


I had less than a week left in Sydney before moving to Europe on the 8th, so I tried to catch up with as many people as possible, figuring things out like my bank accounts/phone plan etc, and of course packing! One of my last stops in Sydney was Shortstop donuts in Barangaroo- one of my favourite donut and coffee shops in the world! 


So, literally 2 days after I got to Europe, we went on another trip! Since it'll be our last holiday time for the foreseeable future, we decided to take advantage of it and travel as much as possible. We went on a road trip to the Balkans, starting of in Poznan, driving first to Vienna, then down to Croatia to see a few cities, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Budapest. It was an epic trip with a lot of driving but the views at Dubrovnik (in the photo above) were some of the best EVER. Also the fact that Game of Thrones was filmed there was really exciting :) I don't know if I would actually do a GoT tour there but I did a sneaky walk-by of a couple of tours and there were quite a few scenes done in the old town there.

Another highlight of the Balkans trip was seeing Budapest - the Fisherman's bastion and the parliament building especially at night were some of the best structures I've seen in Europe.

The travelling did not stop there! After going back home, my boyfriends family had planned a trip to the seaside (Baltic Sea) with the entire family so we joined along. It was about 4 hours drive from Poznan - and I have to say the beach was really nice! It was wide and sandy, but unlike Sydney beaches the temp was a lot lower! I actually appreciated that because one of my issues with going to the beach in Sydney is the scorching temperatures and risk of sunburn. Unfortunately though, because of recent warming temperatures the algae blooms in the sea were at a high, and my skin did not like it - my entire body broke out in hives when I got out of the water... 

It's been such a big month and I hope I can keep doing exciting things in September! Right now it's correcting my thesis, applying for jobs and working out visa stuff so not that exciting, but there's heaps of video and photos to sort through from the last two months so I'm looking forward to that.