Iceland: the Golden circle

Our trip to the glacier was amazing, but ran late and as a result we were not where we needed to be at 6pm that evening... another 3 h of driving was not possible considering how tired we suddenly were, so we checked in again to the same hotel as the night before. (This was the night we saw northern lights!). 

The next morning we got up early and set out to reach the Vik black sand beach before sunrise. Luckily we made it just before the sun was truly up, but the tide was certainly still high and was a bit too dangerous to walk too far around the cove.

After Vìk, we set off back towards the east, to enter the Golden Circle from the west side. First stop on the way was Skógafoss, which was an epic waterfall that also allowed you to walk up the side of the hill to watch it from the top. It was absolutely freezing here and so windy, but worth it to reach the top.

Next we hit the actual Golden circle, (after a bit of driving!) and first up was the Strokkur geysir!

After watching the geysir erupt about three times, we went on to see Gulfoss, an epically big waterfall with a LOT of layers very close to the geysir. It was snowing, hailing and windy but that didn't detract from this amazing waterfall.


The last main stop we watned to reach before 4 pm / nightfall was the big faults at the Þingvellir National Park.

See Pt. I, where we explored glacier caves here.