2017 summary in photos

It's time for a round up of my year! I've never done one of these, but I quite like the idea of having one post where key events or even small memories of the year are summarised in a few photos. When you're in the middle of it it's hard to get a bigger picture of what is happening around you and in your life, so it's nice to look back at it year by year. It's been a  very eventful 2017 with a lot of big changes and travels, so I'm quite excited to prepare this!

I started the year in Europe... which is where it would end too!</h2>

The end to my Christmas trip last year finished in Rome/Berlin in early January, before heading back to Sydney. Rome was a particular highlight of the trip - we saw so many things and it was very overwhelming to see so much art, culture, and history in so few days!

I wrote my PhD thesis.

This took a few months, but pretty much most of the first half of the year I was consistently writing during the week. My lab work finished up in around March and I was writing until the end of June.

My boyfriend left... until I met up with him again in Indonesia!

My boyfriend went off to Nepal and then Central Asia, while I finished up my thesis. We met up in Indonesia in June and its as a real nice trip to see him again!

I spent my last few weeks in Sydney.

After Indonesia, we had a few weeks in Sydney before our US trip, followed by moving to Europe. It was a weird transition time because at the same time I was saying all my goodbyes as I was finishing my PhDs. lots of last lunches, coffees, dinners and we even had a board games party at my house (which was actually SO fun and I was sad I hadn't thought of doing such an event more :( ) We took in as much sun/beach as possible :)

We did a road trip through national parks in the USA.

We visited almost 15 national parks! this was truly a trip of a lifetime. I saw so many amazing parks and natural features I never imagined I'd see in real life. Everything was amazing and I really appreciate how lucky I was to see so many beautiful parks - it's truly such a highlight of the US and the parks are incredibly magnificent, inspiring, and so diverse! If anything defined 2017 for me, it might be this trip!


We moved to Poland... and drove through the Balkans.

In August, after returning to Sydney from the US for a few days, we moved to Poznań, and so began quite an adventure! First, we took a big road trip to the Balkans as it was still summertime and work hadn't started yet for my boyfriend, so we didn't really settle in until September! We saw so many countries - Bosnia and Herzegovina was particularly special to visit - it's such a different country and still recovering from conflict.

I summered at the Polish seaside.

In classic Polish style, we went to the Baltic Sea for a week by the sea! It was a completely different beach experience to Australia! But I enjoyed having some time at the coast and nice weather to relax before heading back to the city for school and looking for work.


I took a few (long) weekend trips to Prague, Dresden, and Scotland.

Scotland was a really nice place to visit - and the first English speaking country I had visited in a while! It was cold, but Glasgow and Edinburgh were both very beautiful.


We went on a surprise trip to Gran Canaria

My boyfriend surprised me with one more "sunny" getaway before winter - the Canary Islands! I never thought I'd be in this corner of the world.. ever! or so close to Africa!

Christmas in Poznań.

We're not at the end of the year, with Christmas coming up quickly. I'll be spending time with family here in Poland over Christmas, and very much looking forward to a few days off to relax at home next to my first real Christmas tree :) it's also been snowing recently which was pretty magical!

So Merry Christmas! I hope you all have a chance to relax, reflect on 2017 and spend time with loved ones. Thank you those who have taken a few minutes to read my blog and my travel stories.