Hello 👋 I’m Clara, a UX/UI researcher and scientist.

I am a multidisciplinary researcher who loves being at the intersection of analytical and scientific thinking and user-centered experience design. I have a PhD in the physical sciences, and I’m passionate about travel, living intentionally and always checking the data. I currently work as a UX researcher at Snowdog in Poznań, Poland.

My latest writing ✏️

What is this website?

This website is a combination of my portfolio and writing. My blog is a side project where I like to practice my writing and discuss minimalism, living intentionally and meaningfully and what that means for the future of technology, the material and our relationship to it. I also write UX articles from time to time to expand my knowledge and skills.

I love researching different topics and finding interesting sources of information. Get in touch if you want help with a project you’re working on.